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One of the Mr.Ramsay’s favorite recipes: free-range chicken, cooked for 4 hours in the truly unique fireplace using special clay cookware! That meat just falls off from the bone and the aroma of those fresh ground spices just blows your mind! Except for the ultimate foodporn experience, this video may cause ASMR as well as deep relaxation of body and mind… Just raise the volume and enjoy!

1 cup homemade tomato juice
500g chicken thighs

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  1. Dry rub means you rub it in. Come on now.

  2. I love this, no dialogue. Straight to the point, and great food!

  3. Looks very delicious and mouth watering. Yummy for that kind of weather.

  4. Came to complain just like italiens but i can see you did it better than most morrocan cooks

  5. I like how they cook but they use too much oil toh

  6. They are so secretive…wd be good if they show themselves to the viewers

  7. Парень от души готовит.
    Но извините.. Та курица из мага.. Типа мираторг и другие бренды. Их хоть как готовь.. Всеравно останется гавном

  8. I think it's beautiful and tasty but not Moroccan , where is the Limon and i noticed the presence of cuman and tomato juice , and the final touch with the apricot creamy definitely not like that every element cooked alone and Limon and ginger are necessary especially for chicken ,Moroccan chicken is Sour, sweet and spicy at the same time what you did is a good food but not Moroccan tnx for the video

  9. All this chicken recipes by almazankitchen makes me want to flood because it's so drooling to watch 😀

  10. Very nice cooking. Tastey chicken

  11. Fry giyo vuyeo tercetu actriogerf burutreadviyo gorojesacimerai

  12. nothing moroccan about this sorry

  13. Как заказать такой нож?

  14. Такую красоту, жалко ккшать)))

  15. Когда сову готовить будеш ?кто за ставьте лайк

  16. I hate to say this, you are obviously talented. Cooking is easy, nutritional cooking is hard. I watch you use cheese and other fats without any consideration of the fat content.

  17. Cannot wait to do this recipe thanks for the videos 👍👍👍

  18. The super-duper close up are NO good. Makes me feel nauseous.

  19. You made Gordon Ramsay an owl………..LOL

  20. Is it important to have an owl with you while gathering the parsley?

  21. I’m gonna make this today … 😋

    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏽🌟

    Update…. I made this and it was f’kin Delicious 😋 ty x

  22. Great Cooking bro…. we always admire you guy…

  23. Понторез дешовый, весь лук просто сжег….

  24. The best chicken so far tastier than any

  25. Who else thought that owl is going to be chicken hahaha

  26. So satisfaying and looks so delicious….

  27. Please give this man his own show! Simply amazing

  28. I am really enjoying these vids. They're so different than what I normally see from the other culinary websites. Please make and send more of these (and send the food directly to me, which looks too good for words).

  29. I came early….it wasnt hard…

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