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The.Best.Tacos! – Our Last Video


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This is our last video…….for this year, ofc we are not going anywhere :]. Thanks, everybody for supporting us so much on our first year on YouTube! Thanks to you we achieved something that we never expected and we are eager to continue making the relaxing foodporn for you :].

Now please enjoy these wonderful winter tacos made from scratch! ;]

free-range pork tenderloin
tomato, chili, avocado, lime, onion, jalapeno

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  1. Hey I wanna buy a knife like yours, but I clicked the link and it sends me to some google thing. But can’t get to the part to buy it. Anyways always thumbs up and love sharing your videos. Los tacos you made there are amazing! Not gonna say “this Mexican approves those tacos” lol you are awesome when it comes to cooking man! Keep keeping it real on the sounds of nature. This is why your video beats any other cooking videos! Love the nature sounds!

    Thanks man! Always a fan of your stuff!

    Just wish I can get to the link to order a knife lol! Please and thank you!

  2. If you like cooking and the outdoors check out Creanmake on YouTube. He makes videos about creating outdoor item such as an outdoor grill. And he will cook some stuff soon to!!!

  3. The avocado pit he just threw in nature will one day become a mighty serbian avocado tree

  4. Man I wish I was the cameraman

    To just get even a small bite

  5. 3 1/2 hours to make fucking tacos! LoL!!! Lame!!! Pass!!!

  6. now that looks like a real taco

  7. What kind of knive is that ?

  8. eso no es un taco el taco orijinal biene d mejico wei

  9. Does anyone know where can I find a knive like his?

  10. Hit like if you still love this here video and it's 2019-2020!

  11. Hey where the f*** is the lime sauce you can't call it tacos without that

  12. I watch this video two years ago and then I couldn't find it anymore, I'm glad is still up, best tacos 👍👌

  13. What is that knife called?

  14. Soy mexicano y apruebo este Taco :u

  15. Everything was excellent until you put the corn

  16. WOW I LOVE TACOS wen I see that I was like GIVE IT TO ME I really like that taco and I cant stop loving this channel WOWWW <3 I love this channel:keep it with the great work <3

  17. Anybody else thinking of "cross contamination" considering he cut the pork first?

  18. Че глухонемые инвалиды или что блядь?

  19. I wonder what else is homemade?

    FiRe. . .

  20. Looks delicious! You threw away the most nutritious part of the avacado, the seed, it is great grated, so very nutritious!

  21. Mdr. À tous les demeuré qui savent pas se qu'est l'hiver. Regarder cette vidéo, ou il nous faire voir ce que ces l'hiver. Non mais attend, ce mec nous prend pour des cons. Si, il croit que l'on c'est pas se que c'est l'hiver. Hhhhho de la glace, c'est magique !!!!!!! Pauvre CON !!!!!!!

  22. lana was in a mental hospital.

  23. 5:09 sounds like a sick beat is about to drop

  24. Where do I buy a knife like you have

  25. Congratulations from Egypt, keep on cooking

  26. Last video!? Say it isnt so…

  27. Where can I get free range meat like you. If it is??,🤔🤔🤔🤔

  28. What kind of knife is this?!?!?

  29. I didn’t know a pan could be a shovel?

  30. Wondering if this man will marry me?

  31. Oof, that's one mushy avocado 😷

  32. Probably peed on it to clean it lmao

  33. Najbolji ste! Pozz iz Bosne ..

  34. which flour did you use for taco?

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