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BEST SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS! – Ultimate Cooking Outside!


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For the first warm days of summer, we decided to make the Italian classic – spaghetti and meatballs! Of course, everything (including fresh pasta) is made from scratch and cooked outside. The ingredients that we used are homemade too. Enjoy this simple yet amazing recipe of a most traditional Italian dish!

2 free-range eggs
1 cup of flour

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  1. Perfeito você fez sua massa e seu molho tava lindo pena que você colocou carne aí estragou não como animais

  2. The beautiful sounds of the food actually helped me sleep thank you looks awesome

  3. Personally I think the meatballs were kinda boring. Just smoked paprika. I like to bake them with salt,pepper,breadcrumbs,bell pepper & chopped onion,and Italian seasoning,and an egg. Looked good at the end though.

  4. I love spaghetti but not meatballs

  5. за рекламу дезлайк🖓

  6. Вкуснота,надо и себе такое приготовить

  7. These videos are so intriguing. I love mysteries. I am always trying to figure what is going to happen when watching these. The end result always looks amazing.

  8. Cutting down all trees for firewood?one year later will there be any tree remaining?

  9. Katze in der Küche … das ist bei mir streng verboten wegen Haare im Essen

  10. Man you seriously take taking cooking into next level like an art and making me hungry level lol

  11. I love this fuckin guy…

  12. yummy yummy yummy I got Love in my tummy and I feel like lovin you

  13. Can we order your dinners and have them shipped to our door?🙏😊

  14. I want to come to your restaurant where is it. I live in California. Obviously you need one that takes advantage of the California sunshine and I hope you come and we can enjoy outdoor seating under a patio in case of rain ☔️ but you would be full of customers I am sure. In the Napa or Sonoma wine country would be an excellent choice.

  15. How long have you been alive!?!? You’re like a culinary warlock

  16. Ты в конце видео так смачно кладешь в ротик, только ради этого момента смотрю

  17. have you ever gone to a person's house and scene cat fur all over everything and then realized they are cooking you a meal, same thing with this episode. it might have seemed appetizing if it wasn't for the damned cat…..

  18. This man may be a monk. Maybe?

  19. I’m definitely going to try this

  20. Keep costs away from cooking please!

  21. Damn I thought that was that real oregano lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. I skipped lunch today, and at 16 minutes of this video I almost ate my phone!!!

  23. Saraaap its a Filipino style of cooking spaghetti, its means a bomb taste! I am back to cooking because of you! I stopped my world in cuisines but bec of you, I'm alive again!

  24. l aglio nn si usa cazzo dai che schifo

  25. Almazan kitchen, I have everything except homemade ale, could i still make this without the ale?

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