Ah, Spring… Everything comes back to life… New fresh leaves, sun playing in the renewed stream where couple of salamanders are having fun… Sorry buds, time to find more private place for yourself today… Because we’re going to make slow-cooked ribs with amazing special bushcraft mix of spices and sauces for the explosive full range of flavors which will please even a fussiest of critics. Handful of hot delicious potatoes boiled in their jackets will complete the whole dish just exactly how it should be served.

• pickled ribs
• potatoes 400-500g
• ………

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  1. Everything ok but that Almazan mix Sauce ?

  2. Burn things make cancer. And raw meat makes parasitic. You don’t wash products. You throw away garbages. I wonder your future!

  3. Heel erg lekker, bedankt!!

  4. Best ribs video i have watched i am so hungry get up in the morning go to the store and by some ribs

  5. I came here to see if the salamanders were the "special sauce".

    I'm Very Happy. I love so much.
    I'm see goodness for this that you doing and I'm amazing hungry !!!

  7. I'm anaphylaxis to Soy and a few other things. However, soy being in literally "everything"… My diet is severely restricted. Because even most pigs and chickens are fed soy beans in their slop/feed. This unfortunately had destroyed consumption of pork ribs, chops, shoulder, tenderloins etc 🙁… However, at least I can come on here, and watch somebody enjoy a good rack of ribs cooked right.

  8. Amazing work! The food always looks superb! I got hooked on watching these videos via Facebook. I literally can sit for hours just watching these! Love every aspect of your videos! 💜

  9. Its the classical cooking with no cemical or pesticides infested good.

    I wish some Day people go to the markets and can only buy Real foods i mean Real Real food. Thry can eat somthing without thinking how many cemicals inside this food. Sometimes i just eat potatos with sea Salt an organig Black pepper becaus i am ill and cant eat cemicals my brain and neurotic mechanics destroyed and i am bleeding from my nose i think i have a brain Tumor cancer from the frash City air and clean water from the water tap. Thanks capitalisim and slaves{people}

  10. Dear serbian brothers, you have reached cooking perfection with your videos, much love from Romania!

  11. LOoks so delicious.. time for me to cook some instant ramen

  12. I almost licked my damn screem

  13. I like the cameraman more than you

  14. Why did you not remove the silverskin?

  15. Wrong way to wash the veggies

  16. Muy bueno, el punto del cerdo increible.

  17. I knew almazankitchen channel half year ago when one of our US customer (a restaurant owner) asked us if we could handcraft several high carbon forged knives for his busy kitchen, he showed us the great almazankitchen cleaver, it looks really sharp and awsome!!! Now I become a big fan of Almazankitchen. they make great cooking vedios and they sell real hammer forged handmade knives!
    we have tested almazankitchern knife, the edge hardness reaches 60+ HRC and hold an edge very well.

  18. Braco sta da vam kazem,nemam sta da dodam.Skoro smo sedeli u okolini Despotovca i komentarisali vas.Bavim se kuvarstvom takodje,vi ste genijalci i mnogi kuvari iz Evrope sada znaju i prate vas.Ziveli!!!
    P.S. Mozda nekad nesto i zajedno da skuvamo 😀😀😀

  19. Here. Im a new fan. 🤙🍀🐢

  20. this is the perfect food channel

  21. Is this alanwalker cooking show?

  22. GREAT photography Alex, as usual!!!! How upset I am that today it snowed here and there it is growing green things, blue skies and warm weather where you are!!! We are on the same latitude so how is this possible???? Anyway, my darling Boki, thanks for the excellent recipe and happy spring to you!!!!!

  23. Chili's, eat your eyes, liver and heart out.

  24. Man, this camera guy and his drone shots. He just keeps getting better and better. Kudos man!

  25. Food-Porn !!! Absolutly Amazing. Best Food Video ever seen 👍🏽 Give this Guys an Oscar.

  26. I thinks it is Bali kolambu but not Bali kolambu

  27. S H O W…
    Forget about food network or cook channel…

  28. lan ben buraya nasıl geldim

  29. FAKE, No way has that rack of ribs been cooked in a pan on an open fire 😂😂

  30. Si t un homme invite moi hn de ces jours

  31. I think that the location is in the Srbija ( Serbia ) , Pomoravlje 😎😎

  32. The clarity is too much for my eyes

  33. Salamander fry or something

  34. Amazing, just amazing man 👍

  35. I think he has the fire-proof hands

  36. картошка с лимоном?!, а так красиво как всегда!

  37. Шикарно. 5 баллов.

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