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Genius beauty secrets no guy should know

Ok girls, we know the struggles with all go through in order to feel beautiful. All the hours we spend to do our hair and makeup during our sacred beauty routine. So, in this video, I’m showing you some quick and effective beauty hacks that will get you ready on the go, in no time.
– You can get rid of under-eye circles by adding a couple of spoons in the freezer. Then, place them under your eyes and you are all set.
– Instead of straightening or curling your hair individually. You can put them up in a ponytail and then using a hair curler, you can style them perfectly in less than 2 minutes- I show you how to create your own sugaring paste in order to achieve a perfect wax. You just mix some brown sugar, some water, honey and lemon juice in the pan. Bring to boil – then let it cool, and you are ready to wax.- To make your foundation lighter in coverage, add some lotion to it.
– You can make your own lipstick, by mixing different colored eyeshadows with some vaseline.

0:07 – Awesome get ready with me – GRWM
2:27 – How to fix dark foundation
4:21 – DIY shimmery body oil
5:04 – DIY fake freckles
6:15 – How to naturally dye hair extensions
8:23 – What to do when you have pale lips
9:10 – How to contour your nose
10:25 – Empty makeup hacks
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