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36 LIFE HACKS TO SPEED UP YOUR DAILY ROUTINE || Do It Faster With These Simple Tricks


Look through our awesome collection of extremely useful lifehacks for different situations:
– As replacement blades cost a lot, you can sharpen razor blades using our genius lifehack: take your old jeans to run your razor along your jeans
– Make a relaxing hammock out of an old towel for your legs and use it in office
– Dry nails faster with the help of a bowl of cold water
– Clean your rusted tools by covering the rusted bolts with vinegar
– Remove tiny eggshells with a piece of eggshell. The next time you crack an egg and there’s a tiny piece of shell at the bottom, remove it quickly and efficiently with a bigger piece of the eggshell
– If you don’t want to hit a garage wall, hang a tennis ball from a garage ceiling to use as a guide to not hit the wall. When you park a car drive forward only until the ball touches your windshield
– Bake potatoes in a microwave
– Make a sheet mask out of spring roll paper: mix warm chamomile tea with honey and soak spring roll paper in it. Apply the paper on your face
– Save a lot of money and make a sugaring paste at home. You will need sugar, honey and lemon juice
– Coffee is an effective treatment for dark circles after a sleepless night
– Cut a lemon in half and cover with sugar to exfoliate your skin. Check the full tutorial
– Make a mask for blackheads: mix milk, honey, gelatin and turmeric
– Hair loss is a catastrophe for every girl but does not panic and try our mask to save the situation. Mix an egg, yogurt honey, and lemon juice
– Make a peel-off lip gloss using warm beet juice and gelatin

00:37 Sharpen blades
01:42 How to dry your nails faster
02:27 Relaxing hammock
06:38 Parking life hack
12:43 Surprising way to use coffee
13:45 Sheet mask from the spring roll paper

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  1. I wish there were 30 hours in a day, do you?⚡️

    More clever hack for every day https://youtu.be/MM62hPoutzc

  2. 5:26 ummm how did you drink the soda like that?


  4. This is how many brain cells I lost watching this video😑 😖 😌 😪

  5. Wow I love ketchup on uncooked pasta

  6. 5:21 NOOO WHY TF WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?!!!

  7. bruh at 2:24 the writing literally does not match what he wrote in the notebook

  8. hey like here if you lovs this


  9. 0:10
    Which girl has ever had this problem?

  10. If you put something heavy On your display or for your computer then it’s gonna break and then you will have a broken computer and you won’t be able to have any memory for DVDs and you wouldn’t be able to play movies or anything on your laptop

  11. Whoever still has the iPhone like two or five now in days like I mean 2019 to 2020

  12. The Russian life hacks are kinder racist in a way

  13. seriously tho the hack with the nailpolish and the cold water does not work

  14. Ok it’s good but why are they all girls they should be men

  15. Anyone watch 5 minute crafts but never do a craft?

  16. If you put me in the microwave, I’ll do the same thing as the potato.

    (1 day later) what the heck. Why did I comment dat…. ik it sounds like a question, but it’s not

  17. I'm sorry but that thumb nail tho the skin is different colours 😂

  18. 16:20 what a great hack for the people who wanna look sunburnt!

  19. You should do a challenge video:

    Don’t put any repeats in a video!!🤯

  20. Number one I hate raw eggs number two who's going to use a cracked egg it can be somebody could have been poisoning or anything

  21. I swear on the mushroom I thought it was literally a egg💀

  22. Am I the only one that noticed they put ketchup on pasta?

  23. So hiding drinks is part of a routine? Lol.

  24. Wow does that string have a blade and makeup? Lol

  25. Really “crazy Russian hacks”

  26. I have an great idea for a natural look… let’s put an egg on our head.

    👌👌👌 Amazing

  27. If you go to 4 minutes into the video and then pause it before the wipe it off it has already been wiped

  28. the one where you put your hoodie on backwards and put snacks in the hood I've been doing forever

  29. Omg the thumbnail shows you can change your skin color! 😯

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  31. The first hack they literally glued false lashes to her upper lip

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  34. So is 5 minute crafts people live in Russia?If so someone plz comment Id rlly appreciate. 🙂

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    Homer just wants to play sodataire

  36. The first hack definitely works! Just put on fake hair and done!

  37. Yup ketchup on hard noodles is definitely the most apitising food

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    Like meh


  40. 5:29 one wrong move its all over

  41. I don’t believe any hack cause I tried them all

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  43. Obviously the only way to clean your shaver is to wipe it on your jeans.

  44. But girls don’t have moustaches

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