Hello girls! You should check out this video as it is full of cool ideas that will help you to ease your life and
you will find surprising ways to reuse ordinary things. We share a new collection of incredible tampon uses
you haven’t seen before:
-Turn an empty lipstick container into a container for a tampon
-Always reuse tampon applicators as they are made from polyethylene. You can use tampons to curl your
-Turn a tampon into inhaler essential oil stick to cure a runny nose. Repeat the procedure until you feel better
-You can make a sachet for your clothes from a tampon. Simply soak it in in any oil you like. Tampons are
highly absorbent and few drops of your favorite oil or perfume will make your clothes smell good for a long
-Also, you can soak a tampon in micellar water and remove the makeup with it
-Use tampon applicator to apply foundation if your makeup sponge is too dirty
-If you have some problems with sleep or you are tired of noisy neighbors, turn tampons into earplugs
-You can also use tampons for a pedicure
-The surprising way to use a tampon is to use it instead of a toothbrush if you don’t have it
-Remove permanent marker marks using nail polish remover
-If you a fan of a French manicure, use a band-aid to make it at home
-Check out clever ways to reuse makeup leftovers
-If your lipstick is almost empty remove the leftovers and melt with a lighter. Now you
have a new lip gloss
-If your powder is too old, add a few drops os rubbing alcohol. Check out the tutorial
-You can make a cheap makeup spatula from a drinking straw to scoop foundation from an almost empty bottle

00:09 Surprising uses of tampons
00:41 Use tampons to curl hair
01:17 DIY Inhaler essential oil stick
01:36 DIY sachet for your clothes
06:59 How to shorten a belt

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