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Simple and easy nail hacks

Hey girls, are you looking to add some color to your nails? You know the gist – trying to get the Instagram nails everyone is posting on their feed but not being able to because you lack the creative skills. I know the struggle. So, in this video, I’m showing you some easy-to-follow tutorials on how to achieve your dream nails.
– You can create an abstract nail design using black nail polish and a toothpick. You simply add a few drops of black polish, stir them with a toothpick and let them dry. Then, pour some clear nail polish on top, let it dry and stick it to your nails.
– I show you how to make your own matte topcoat. Simply paint your nails with the nail polish color of your choice. Before it dries, place your nails on top a steaming pot. This will remove the shine of your nails while drying and it will give you a matte finish.
– To grow longer and healthier nails, melt some beeswax in the microwave inside a glass bowl. Then deep your nails in and let them dry. Remove and repeat once or twice a week.

0:42 – DIY matte topcoat
1:18 – How to grow your nails longer
2:23 – Awesome french manicure
2:55 – Cool watercolor nail technique
4:34 – Amazing Fingerprint stamp
6:18 – Spider gel
6:35 – Marble nails
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